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Learn and Earn

Learning developers deserve a place to showcase their skills, learn, and make money. So we created Cottage. Here you can prove your skills by competing to build the best React components and learning along the way.

Cottage is a Learning First Platform

We're here to help you conquer your imposter syndrome through real work from real tech companies.

Cloud Hosted IDE

No downloads, no setup. We replicate the client's workspace through our integration with StackBlitz and GitHub.

Figma Designs

In your real SWE role, designers will hand you a Figma design. We want that to be familiar to you, so we integrated it.

Focused On Learning

We help you get started, teach best practices, and offer behind the scenes coding tips to help you learn.

Get Paid

Give these low pressure competitions your best shot. Win and get paid. If not, see the winning code to learn from.

Best Code Wins

We judge submissions based on the component's speed, code cleanliness, and how well it matches the Figma.

Community Support

We're building an active Discord community where you can ask questions about React, interviews, or just life.

Coming Soon

These are competitions that are getting ready to launch.

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